Real Estate Law
Valuable experience with the complexities of real estate

Buying & Selling Real Estate

The real estate market is tricky these days, but if you need to buy or sell a property we can help. We work with real estate agents all the time and we are familiar with the contracts they use. You need to understand these documents too before you sign them. You need to understand your mortgage or financing contingency, the home inspection clauses, and what constitutes a “good and marketable title.” We can help you with all of this.

Sometimes, a “standard” agreement doesn’t work for your real estate. We can help you negotiate a good deal and draft a contract of agreement of sale that reflects your concerns and your limitations and conditions. We can even help if the buyer or seller wants something different from what you expected.

Questions often abound for clients during the buying and selling of real estate: What’s an easement? Why do I need a shared driveway agreement? Why did the home inspector discourage my buyer from settling? Can they do that? What if my buyer wants an appraisal clause? Is that good or bad for me?

Our experienced Timoney Knox attorneys can help you understand all the angles and options and make your real estate transaction work for you.