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Timoney Knox is a full-service law firm based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania that has been providing high-quality legal representation for our clients since 1921. Our long history of success in legal matters is rooted in our deep experience, our personal relationships with our clients, and our commitment to integrity. How can we help you?

Wills, Trusts and Estates

Dorothy and I were introduced to George Riter by Fran  who had given George very high marks in his ability both as a lawyer and a tax advisor.

In the two years since, George has lived up and exceeded our expectations as to his abilities to deliver good service in a timely manner. Some of our needs were more complicated than others but George was able to handle all with great skill and knowledge. We are happy to be clients of Timoney Knox and George Riter.

Peter and Dorothy

Roman J. Koropey, Esquire of Bryn Mawr, PA is now affiliated with Timoney Knox

Timoney Knox expands its footprint on the Main Line and in Delaware County with the addition of Roman Koropey, Esquire in Bryn Mawr, PA.

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Important Estate Planning Documents for Students Heading Off to College

As the heat of summer subsides, parents of college-aged students are tasked with preparing their children for the journey back, or for their first journey, off to college.  A crucial step in this preparation is ensuring that university bound children have the right legal documents in place for their parents to assist them even while they’re away at school.

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storm water in pa

Storm Water in Pennsylvania – Giving is Better Than Receiving

 As Springtime arrives, along with warmth, al fresco dining, and as the turn from gray to green begins, so too arrives rain and its companion, storm water.  Understanding the essentials of storm water is a “must know” for any land owner.*

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