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Children are among the most physically and emotionally vulnerable members of our communities. When adults take advantage of a child’s vulnerability in order to engage in inappropriate contact or abuse, the damage it causes can be devastating. As such, our attorneys work diligently on behalf of our clients to hold responsible parties accountable while also putting the victim’s well-being at the forefront at all times. 


Sadly, childhood sexual abuse often involves those individuals who children should expect to trust the most, including teachers, clergy, coaches, and camp counselors. Sexual abuse victims are often fearful of telling others about what occurred and sometimes even blame themselves. They often also encounter a long and difficult struggle to recover. When children are abused, and when employers, supervisors, and other persons who are responsible for investigating, reporting, and preventing child abuse fail to properly do so, it is essential to pursue criminal prosecution and civil claims so that the child/victim is supported and the abuser is held accountable under the law.


The physical abuse of children can result in serious and long-lasting emotional harm. Physical abuse occurs when one person initiates physical contact with the intent to cause harm, suffering, or injury to another person. Physical abuse of children comes in many forms, including kicking, striking, beating, intentionally or recklessly injuring and improperly restraining a child. The law protects children from physical abuse through criminal prosecution, and also permits families to seek financial compensation in civil lawsuits. This compensation can be used for support services that the child will need for the emotional recovery process.


We regularly work with clients who have been victims of abuse, and we help support them in many different ways. We are dedicated to helping children and will take the necessary action to protect the child’s rights and to recover compensation that will benefit the child and family. We also seek changes in hiring policies, supervision procedures, and other policies in order to minimize the risk of future abuse of children

If you or someone close to you has been the victim of abuse, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights and avoid any legal limitations for filing a claim. A civil case can be filed against the abuser or any negligent third party in order to more fully compensate a family for emotional damages suffered by the child and medical and counseling expenses incurred by parents. In addition to fighting for the victim’s rights and supporting the victim’s recovery, we will help ensure that the victim’s privacy is protected as much as possible during the legal process.


We fight for the victim’s rights and well-being and we help ensure that the victim’s privacy is protected as much as possible during the legal process.

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