Family Law
Navigating the challenges of divorce, support, or custody proceedings

Separation and divorce are painful experiences for everyone. No matter the situation, you need an experienced and caring lawyer to help you understand the law, to watch out for your best interests, and to make sure your rights and responsibilities are being fairly judged. We have helped many people to get through what can be a very trying time and to start a new life on different terms.

The family lawyers at Timoney Knox can help you through all aspects of separation and establishing the grounds for a divorce; child support and spousal support; custody of children; protection from abuse; equitable distribution of property; and alimony. We can help you negotiate fair custody schedules, appropriate property division, and realistic child support and alimony arrangements.

We understand that handling the family’s finances is a big part of successfully navigating the divorce process. Often dividing marital property involves the sale or transfer of a home, a vacation home or other real estate, as well as dividing retirement accounts, pensions, and even cars. We have the experience to guide you through it.

If negotiations are not successful, we will be with you in court advocating for you so that the judge makes the right decision in each case. If you have a Property Settlement Agreement and your ex-spouse is not complying with it, we can go to court for you to make it work.

The legal system has separate court hearings for support, custody, and property distribution. We deal with all of them. We are familiar with the courts and judges in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia counties. If you live in our area, we can help you.

Sometimes you need a family lawyer for a happy event—like an adoption, a prenuptial agreement, a name change, or welcoming a new spouse or stepchildren into the family with a new will and estate planning. A family member might need a guardian. We can help with that too. 

Family matters are often complex. No matter the situation, Timoney Knox family lawyers can guide you through your family law issue.


“My divorce was handled quickly and painlessly. I felt confident in the legal advice Kate gave me and had very little to worry about during a difficult time in my life.”

Carolyn J.

Core Services

Divorce and Equitable Distribution

Our knowledgeable lawyers help clients through a trying time in their lives, gathering information about their situation and ensuring that assets are divided fairly in keeping with Pennsylvania’s “equitable distribution” laws.

Alimony, Support, and Child Support

We understand well the legal issues related to alimony, support, and child support. A seasoned Timoney Knox family lawyer can consider all of the possibilities with you and help you to negotiate the best arrangements.


Few areas of the law are more stressful than custody disputes. The family lawyers at Timoney Knox will navigate you through this tricky process of determining which custody arrangement is in your child’s best interest while also ensuring that your rights are fairly represented.

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We have 7 practice areas ranked in the U.S. News – Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” 2023 edition.

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