Employment Law
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When you start a business, human resources challenges probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. Such challenges often come up unexpectedly—maybe your best sales team wants to leave and take your best client with them to a competitor. Can they do that? Maybe—unless you had them sign an employment contract with a non-compete clause in it. Even if you have such an agreement, how do you make sure your former employee doesn’t compete?

The human resources issues to take into account as an employer don’t stop there. Before you begin hiring, you need to consider whether you should have an employee handbook; what your social media policy is going to be; and how you’ll handle parental leave, overtime pay, delinquent employees, disability claims, independent contractors, and severance packages, amongst a host of other issues that a good attorney can help you to anticipate.

Whether you have questions we can answer over the phone or you need legal human resources documents drafted, the employment law team at Timoney Knox has the expertise to help protect your business.