Holiday Survival Tips for Divorced or Divorcing Parents

Navigating the holidays – the perennial struggle to balance the demands of in-laws, children, travel and extended family – can challenge the happiest of families. But for divorced or divorcing...

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3 Reasons You Need an Estate Plan Now (Even if You Are Not Wealthy)

Estate planning may seem to some like a lofty concept, and a need only reserved for the wealthy—people who actually have an “estate.” But estate planning really is so much more than deciding...

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How to Have a Successful Divorce

How Do I get Through a Divorce? Marriage is more challenging than ever before. In this day and age both spouses usually have careers, both are involved in...

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I’m Just Starting a Business, How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

Most new business owners work on shoestring budgets, and they may not think they can afford a lawyer to advise them. However, hiring a lawyer at the outset of your business planning actually may save...

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