Yes, You Can Get To Closing on that Real Estate Deal!

(March 30, 2020) Maybe you found the house of your dreams, got the mortgage approved, and now are wondering if you will actually get to settlement? Or, you found a buyer for your family’s...

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Understanding the Role of the Public Adjuster under Pennsylvania Law

A policyholder may choose to hire a public adjuster in connection with their insurance claim. Under Pennsylvania law, the role of the public adjuster is clearly set forth.  Public adjusters...

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(March 26, 2020)  In these times with most of the country being impacted by the COVID-19 virus, the thought of creating a Will online seems attractive.  The attractive part is that most...

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The RTKL and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) 12 MARCH 2020 / 

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We’re here for you!

March 24, 2020 Dear Clients and Friends, We remain focused on how to best protect and support our families, employees, clients, and community in the face of this developing COVID-19 crisis. On...

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2019 Tax Filing Update

March 23, 2020 Dear Clients and Friends of Timoney Knox: The last two weeks have seen extraordinary changes in the world, and particularly in this country. Timoney Knox remains committed to...

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Coronavirus & Property Insurance – White Paper

Our Insurance Industry Group has prepared a white paper entitled “COVID19 and Commercial Property Insurance: Coverage Considerations.” We are pleased to...

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What is an “Intentional” Loss?

Property insurers occasionally grapple with intentional losses.  Theft. Embezzlement. Set fires.  Vandalism.  Pipes frozen on purpose. What happens when a man...

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The Fifth Amendment and the Duty to Cooperate

(February 14, 2020)  The right against self-incrimination extends beyond criminal proceedings.  However, it is important to understand how the assertion of...

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You Won. You Got Sworn In. Now What?

Last year was a local election year and new township supervisors, borough councilmen and township commissioners were sworn in all over Pennsylvania. Now what? If...

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